Actually, it was yesterday, December 15th.
The same day when:
Gustave Eiffel (the one who created Eiffel tower in Paris), Nero (the one who burnt down Rome), Don Johnson (actor), Henri Becquerel (the one who got Nobel Prize for dicovering radioactivity) were born, so you get the point of the character, specially thinking about Nero :).

Don't know about you, but that day was always the happiest day of my life... I am not one of those sad girls, that cry on birthdays because they are one year older. I just don't care how old I am...I am more like happy on b-day because I am here :)...

This year, it was more like some ordinary day, except it was raining, which I hate and I didn't have b-day cake and I didn't feel like having some big party and I had a flu...So, it was like ordinary day and not so ordinary b-day :).

The day looked like this:

One nice, relaxing and traditional place - were we had lunch

some of the first b-day gifts

part of the outfit for the day

guess the year

these could've been my b-day cakes

but instead we had something like this

there were more than three (with baby inside) of us but we missed the part of taking photos

some of the b-day wishes

and some of the achieved goals :))

I am not here, I am away with my imagination!