Easy to prepare, easy to digest, easy to eat, easy to forget to make all neccessary photos :). Due to this, you'll have to imagine how the table looked like.

So, here we go:
- time you need, with preparation: 1hour
- money you need for suplies: 200rsd (1,7eur) - if you have oil, if not - 1000rsd (8,6eur)
- time you need to eat it: 15 minutes
- time you will "full" afterwards: 2hours.
here is what you need...
45 minutes before you start with the 1st step, put brown rice into the hot water (5 parts of water : 1 part of rice) and let it boil until water disappear
1st step, add salt on this one

2nd step - chop the vegetables

3rd step - after onion is soft enough, add vegetable

and at the end, after paprika is soft, add boiled brown rice
Bon appetit!